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Visitor Info

IMPORTANT There is very limited parking for the wood and we ask you to park only where you can respect the wishes of the local residents.

Access Points

The wood is accessed via the single-track public road serving the Kirkton of Maryculter. There are two forest road entrances into the wood, one from Polston Road within the Kirkton of Maryculter (Kirkton entrance) and the other adjacent to where the Crynoch Burn exits the wood (Burnside entrance).

The bellmouth at the Burnside entrance, though not marked as a carpark, has the greatest capacity for parking.


Please avoid parking on Polston Road (a privately-maintained road), in other residential areas of the Kirkton and in the passing places of the single-track public road.

Please also be aware that Right to Roam does not apply to motorised activities and we do not allow unauthorised vehicles in the wood.



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